About The Midshipmans Foundation

Brief History

Always active and aggressive with their support for the NROTC Unit, the Midshipmans Foundation is the scholarship arm of the UTNROTC alumni. The University of Texas Midshipmans Foundation is a Texas charitable 501(c)(3) corporation.

Organized in 1970 by UTNROTC alumni, the Midshipmans Foundation provides financial aid to battalion members through scholarships. The Midshipmans Foundation also awards officer's swords each year to deserving unit members and assists the Battalion financially by providing funding for leadership activities.


Gabriel R. "Gabe" Salazar '79



Rodney C. "Rod" Koenig '62


Since awarding six scholarships for $500 each in 1996, the amount of each scholarship awarded and the number of scholarships awarded has steadily grown. In 2020, the 80th anniversary of the Navy ROTC Unit at the University of Texas, the Midshipmans Foundation endowment fund exceeded the $2 million and the value of scholarships and swords exceeded $120,000. This is not the finish line by any means. College costs continue to climb and we want UT to remain competitive as one of the premiere NROTC Units in the country. Some private universities are able to provide free room and board to attract NROTC scholarship recipients that might otherwise come to UT. We want to keep attracting the best and the brightest for future officers in the Navy and Marine Corps. Your generosity is making it possible for us to provide scholarships, twice per year, and to nearly all the members of the unit. Take a look at the History Page to see how this program has grown. Many thanks to those of you who have made it happen.

List of Scholarship Awardees for 2023

Officers and Directors of the Midshipmans Foundation are identified below. They all serve without compensation and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.



If you would like to support the activities of the Midshipmans Foundation with a donation, know that your monies are tax deductible and are invested. If your company matches donations, you’ll want to check into that before making your donation.

All scholarships grants are funded by endowments, either named endowments or the general fund. If you choose, you too may fund a scholarship and/or sword endowment. Each $25,000 donated to the Midshipmans Foundation earns the donor the privilege to name a scholarship. Donations may be as a single payment or accumulated. Scholarships are then perpetually funded from the investment earnings from the endowment.

Donations by check may be mailed to the treasurer, address listed below. Indicate in the memo line if the donation is to a particular named scholarship or sword (or an anticipated scholarship). Donations will be acknowledged in writing annually.

Midshipmans Foundation

Dan O'Neil, Treasurer

3128 Burks Lane

Austin, TX 78732-2117