Photo Albums

2013 Photo Album (using Shutterfly)

Photo Descriptions

2012 Photo Album (using Shutterfly)

Photo Descriptions

2011 Photo Album (using Shutterfly)

Photo Descriptions

2009 Photo Album (using Shutterfly)

Photo Descriptions

2008 Photo Album (using Shutterfly)

We lack photos of other activities

Photo Filenames have Scholarship Awardees' Names

2007 Photo Album

Photo Descriptions

2006 Photo Album

2005 Photo Album

Photo Filenames have Scholarship Awardees' Names

2004 Photo Album

Photo Filenames have Scholarship Awardees' Names

2003 Photo Album

Reunion Photographs

2002 Photo Album

Reunion Photographs

2001 Photo Album

Reunion Photographs

If you want to learn more about Shutterfly and sign up for your own free membership with unlimited storage for your photos, go to The Gouge.

Also you'll note with many photos that they are merely numbered and not labeled. For some reason Shutterfly does not upload the photo's metadata, which contains descriptive labels along with dates and GPS locations whenever possible. Shutterfly told us they actually strip this metadata from the photos when they are uploaded. This is unfortunate since the service they provide (otherwise) is so helpful, easy and free.

We have added a MS Word file to each Shutterfly album that provides the photo's description to cope with this situation for the time being until something else develops.

You will note that the photos shown on the Shutterfly site are not in any particular order. They have been grouped by activity and year but beyond that, Shutterfly just presents a montage of the photos in that grouping. If you download that photo it will still have a number assigned to it as its filename. Use that number to couple with the list we are providing that gives a more verbose description of the photo. We apologize for this kludgy arrangement.

If Shutterfly ever changes their policy to allow metadata we'll upload all the originals again.

If you don't have MS Office (so you can read the MS Word file), don't despair. Go to The Gouge and read the entry dealing with a free MS Office-compatible program called Open Office.

Listed below are photo albums reflecting some of the activities of the NROTC Alumni and some history of the Longhorn Navy. If you have photographs you would like to contribute to our albums, contact the Webmaster.

2000 Photo Album

1999 Photo Album (Photos of Reunion Needed)

1998 Photo Album

1997 Photo Album

1996 Photo Album

1993 Photo Album

1992 Photo Album (More Photos Needed)

1952 Photos (Courtesy of Pat Tillery)

1950-1960 Photos (Courtesy of Pat Tillery)

Pat Tillery, Associate of the Class of '55 provided links to photos above but he doesn't know what all of them are about or who may be in the photo. If you can identify some of these please write the Webmaster.